Comparison table

StarCat Reviews has a powerful Comparison Table add-on that helps you build and display awesome tables to compare the ratings of various fields of your product such as prices, features, and others.
You can add the comparison table for any of your WooCommerce products or reviews from the posts, pages and even from our Starcat Review Post type.
To purchase the WooCommerce Comparison Table add-on, you can go to your Dashboard -> Starcat settings -> Add-ons.
From there you could purchase the WooCommerce Comparison Table add-on (Note that you should have the Starcat main plugin activated to use this add-on). You could also purchase it from our website here.

How to Setup and Display Comparison Table

To add a comparison table of your reviews to your post or page, use the following shortcode: [starcat_review_comparison_table] with args post_type and posts(post_id)
For example if you want to display the comparison table for your various WooCommerce products, you can use the following shortcode:
[starcat_review_comparison_table post_type="product" posts="213,245,256"]
Note the numbers above are the id's of each product. You can find the product id by going to Products -> All Products. Hover your mouse near any product and you could see it.
Product Id
Once published, it will display the Comparison table for the particular products you selected.
In the same way you could display it for any post or page. You just need to change the "post_type" accordingly.