Replace the default product review with Starcat

Are you not satisfied with default WooCommerce Review system? Don't worry.

You can replace your default WooCommerce review with our Starcat review system.

Using Starcat review system for your product, you can allow your customers to review the products with Multi-criteria, Pros and Cons and reply to customer reviews.

Enabling Starcat review for your Woocommerce product

  1. Go to Starcat Settings -> General Settings -> Where to include reviews? In that, select "Product" option.

  2. Now edit any product and you will find a new section called "Starcat Review" below the editor. Here you can manage the review boxes for the product.

  3. Once you publish it and view it in the front-page, a new menu called "Product Review" will appear where the reviews you included in the back-end will be displayed.

Sorting the User reviews

Starcat gives you three different sorting options for the user reviews. They can sort the review by Recent , Most positive and Most Helpful reviews.

Most positive reviews will be sorted by the rating score. Most helpful reviews will be sorted by the number of users marked the review as helpful

You can also search a particular review from the total reviews available using our search box.

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