Installing Starcat Review plugin

  1. You can purchase the Starcat Review Plugin from our website.

  2. You can start our 7 days of a free trial by clicking the Start Free Trial button or using our Buy now button in the bottom bundle section of our website.

  3. Once you entered the details, you will receive an e-mail as shown below with the link to download the plugin and activation license key in it.

  4. Click Download the plugins basic version and you will receive the Zip file.

  5. From your WordPress Admin, click Plugins from the main menu, then click the Add New button, and then Upload Plugin.

  6. Next, click the browse button and select the file which you downloaded to your computer. Then click Install Now.

  7. Once WordPress has finished installing the plugin, click the Activate Plugin link.

  8. You will be asked to enter the activation key which you received via e-mail. Enter it and click confirm.

  9. You’ll now be redirected to Starcat Settings where you will find the settings of the Starcat review plugin.

Installing Starcat Review CPT plugin

You can start the free trial of Starcat Review CPT in Starcat Settings -> Add-ons. Click on the "View details" option and select the "Start my free 7 days".

The same steps which was followed in the previous section will be followed here.

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