User Review System

Do you want your users to rate the reviews from the front-end?

StarCat Reviews comes with the best user review and rating system that helps to easily collect reviews from users. It can be enabled on all posts and pages including custom post types. It shows an overall user rating score along with individual user reviews and ratings.

This guide will help you on how to include a user review form and how to let your users to rate from the front-end.

User Review Settings

  1. By default the User reviews will be enabled. You can find it in Starcat settings -> User Review. In that, you can choose to enable and disable the options you need.

  2. You can choose to change the User reviews List title which will be appeared when users have submitted their review. You can also disable it.

  3. User Review form will be enabled by default for the users. You can set a form title, choose to show or hide it for the users when they are submitting the review.

  4. You can allow the users to include a title for their review, stats and also description for their review. You can disable any option if you don't wish them to appear for the users.

Approval System

The reviews that are submitted by the users will not be directly published. It will be sent for the approval first. It will be published only when the admins have approved it.

Once you activated the Starcat Review plugin, a new post type called User Reviews will appear in the dashboard menu.

In that, the admin can see all the reviews submitted by the users and can approve it or move it to trash or can even mark it as spam if the review looks suspicious. Once approved, the reviews will be published for the users to see.

User Review Approval

Reply to User Reviews

There is a review reply system enabling the admin/owner to reply to the user’s review. You can thank a user if it’s a good review or can explain to him/her if its a negative review so that others won't be miscarried.

Not just the admin, even other users can reply to a review received.

Sorting the User reviews

Starcat gives you three different sorting options for the user reviews. They can sort the review by Recent , Most positive and Most Helpful reviews.

Most positive reviews will be sorted by the rating score. Most helpful reviews will be sorted by the number of users marked the review as helpful

Most Helpful review

You can also search a particular review from the total reviews available using our search box.

Search box and Sorting

Google's Recaptcha for User Reviews

reCAPTCHA Settings
reCAPTCHA in the front-end
  1. To show reCAPTCHA to the users before submitting the reviews, you should enable it in Starcat Settings -> User Review -> Show reCAPTCHA.

  2. Provide the reCAPTCHA Site key and reCAPTCHA secret key (which was given to you while registering your domain) in it's respective columns.

If you have not yet registered it, please go to .

Choose the Admin console option in the top right. In that, you have to create your site by clicking the + option.

Google reCAPTCHA

You can give any label for your reCAPTCHA. But use a label that will make it easy for you to identify the site in the future.

Under the reCAPTCHA type, select "reCAPTCHA v2". Note: reCAPTCHA v3 will not work, just v2. v3 will be added soon.

Next, Add your domain name and accept their terms of service. Once submitted, you would receive the site and secret key which you need to provide in the columns mentioned above.