WooCommerce notification

Starcat Reviews comes with the WooCommerce notification add-on that lets you send notification emails with review links when users place an order on your WooCommerce store.
Reviews for your product from your customers always helps in getting more sales. Using Starcat WooCommerce notification add-on, you can setup automatic review remainders for your customers after they have placed an order from your store.
To purchase the WooCommerce notification add-on, you can go to your Dashboard -> Starcat settings -> Add-ons.
From there you could purchase the WooCommerce notification add-on (Note that you should have the Starcat main plugin activated to use this add-on). You could also purchase it from our website here.
Once installed and activated, you will see a new post type called "WooCommerce notification" in Starcat Settings.
Starcat WooCommerce notification settings
Enter From Address : Enter your email address from which the review mail should be sent. Please make sure that this is a valid e-mail address. Invalid e-mails maybe marked as spam.
Subject: Enter the subject of your e-mail here. Use {{sitename}} to use the name of your website dynamically. This improves your anti-spam score.
Eg: Thank you for Purchasing from {{sitename}}
Body of the Email: Enter the body of the e-mail that should be sent to your customers. Use {{product_review_link}} to add links to purchased product pages.
Eg: Thank you for purchasing from Starcat Dev. If you liked your product, please consider leaving a review: {{product_review_link}}
Disclaimer: If needed, you can add any disclaimers for your customers that will be displayed at the footer of the email.
Notification Time Schedule: Set the time in hours or days from which the review mail should be sent. The time will set from the time of order completion. You can create multiple remainders (example: 24 hours, 3 days, 7 days from purchase). In the same way, you can set any number of remainders.
Notification Time schedule