Multiple review criteria

You can allow the users to rate a single criteria or can have multiple criteria for the same object allowing more clarity and insight.

Enabling Multiple criteria Rating

  1. Go to Starcat settings -> General Settings -> Single or Multiple Stat.

  2. By default it will have Single Stat.You can change it to Multiple stat. Once you change it to multiple, you will see three criteria's added below.

  3. You can set any name for your stat's and you can also add any number of stats to it by clicking the (+) button below the stats.

Stats Type

  1. Basically, we have two type of stats. One is the icon option, the other is the image option.

  2. You can set it to icon or image in the General settings -> Source Type (Under Stats).

  3. We have more than 20 icons to choose from like the star icon, heart, square, circle, etc. You can choose anything you wish.

  4. You can also change it to image and upload any image you wish to have it as the stat type.

  5. You can change the color of the stars or other rating icons using the Icons color option. We also have the option to change the Icons Label color.

Other settings

  1. You can choose to show or hide the Rating Label near the stat.


You can also set the stat scale to either out of 5 or out of 10 in the Limit option.

3. If you don't want your users to rate in steps (like 6.5, 7.3, 8.1, etc..), but only in full (like 4,7,2), you can set the steps to full in the Steps option (Under Stats in General settings).

4. You can enable or disable the stat to be displayed in animation or not using our Stat Animate option.

5. You can set the no-rated message which will appear for the users when they are about to rate but have not yet rated it. This is just for the users to notify that they have not rated the content yet.

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