Review CPT - Category page

Category page is where all the Reviews of a particular category/topic will be displayed.


This option lets you choose the template for the Category page of your Review website.

You can choose from left-sidebar to have a single sidebar alone in the left, right-sidebar to have a single sidebar in the right alone, and no-sidebar at all.


Starcat Review Category page has two controls: Search and SortBy.


You can enable the Search to display the search box which will help you in filtering the reviews.

Show SortBy:

You can enable the SortBy option for the users. Enabling this option will allow the users to Sort your reviews by various options like Alphabetical, trending, Number of reviews and much more

Listing Options

Posts Per Page:

You can choose the number of reviews that are to be displayed per page.

Default Sort By:

You can sort the reviews in four different ways: Alphabetical Ascending, Alphabetical Descending, Recent, Recently updated.

Num of Columns:

This option let you choose the number of columns of the review listing.

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